Ochosi / by Terrance Kelsey

Here is the first part of my new body of work called "I am a hero" taking real life individuals and Turing them into super heroes. only thing is these heroes have a real back story, taking there own life experiences and turing them into character bio's. And, here is our first character story.


Character Bio:

Growing up in City X, the slums; a misguided youth begins to want more for his own life. No longer wanting to be apart of the usual lifestyle of a young black main in a run down city, waiting to just become another statistic. This youth now yearns to be more and learn more. And, through hard work and hustle the young man is able to be apart of a study abroad program in Africa. After a 9 month program he learns about different spirituality and beliefs of african religion and begins to realize his own roots. 

Coming back to his hometown he takes on the task of educating and speaking to his own people. Letting them know who they are, true kings and queens hailing from Africa. Many embraced his words and teachings however, there where those who got wind of the youth and what he was doing in the community, and the positivity he is spreading to others. Due to his actions, the young man was targeted and framed for a crime he had nothing to do with and was thrown in jail. After doing 5 years in jail the youth is now released. Beaten, battered, broken, and institutionalized he now heads back home. 

Now back in City X he sees how his community, his home, and his life is now worse than ever. His people even more enslaved and being run down by those who wish to do nothing but degrade, enslave, and eradicate all those he loves and cares for. Now filled with anger he wants not only to protect but also seeks justice. However, the truth is he yearns for vengeance deep down in his heart against all those who unjustly imprisoned him for something he didn't do. But, also has no idea where to begin. One day during a protest a race riot breaks out in the middle of town. Everyone in City X starts fighting each other. Men, women, youth, and some children all involved in an all out brawl. During the chaos the young man who is trying to avoid the fighting is grabbed and thrown in the melee. In the process he has his shirt torn off, his back exposed, and everybody sees that carved in his skin on his back is a swastika. Given to him during his time in jail the youth was beaten up and tortured by a white supremacy group. However, during this instance unbeknownst to the youth a mysterious old man was in the crowd who has his attention fixated on the young man. 

That night the old man appears before the young man. Wanting to hear his story and about how he got the swastika engraved in his skin. reluctantly the youth begins to tell his tale to the old man. Realizing he has lived a similar life the old man begins to advise the youth of the council and offers to take him under his wing as his protege and enlighten him even more, about who he is and the roots of his people as well as train him. Accepting his offer the young man is led deep into the mountains where he begins to train in advanced martial arts, swordsmanship, and other various assassination tactics, as well as furthering his knowledge of african culture and religion. After completing his training, the youth emerges from the mountains clear of his mission that he needs to protect and liberate his people. Vowing to hunt down and bring justice to all those who have ill will towards his people, he now takes on the name of Ochosi and goes forward as a member of the council.