SZA......CTRL / by Terrance Kelsey

So when it comes to RnB, I don't have many artist I like to listen to a lot. I generally listen to mostly hiphop, I do of course venture out with other genres but hiphop is always my go to and fall back. If I do listen to other artist outside of hiphop its rare that I listen to a a full album production. But, today that has changed for me because of the new SZA album CTRL. This album is dope! That's really the best I can put it. I knew SZA had talent, but listening to a full production is frankly a nice change of pace in the best possible way. The combination of her voice with different beats and productions mixed in gives a real spiritual, almost calming feeling to me. When listening to this album I can just sit back chill and just kind of float away. It’s probably the first time I have kept an RnB album in heavy rotation since the usher confessions album. I think its because her style, voice, and sound kinda gives off an Erykah Badu feel and she is one of my all time favorite artist. So I think that mixed in with the creativity of her album is such a refreshing sound to listen too.

Because of this album I was inspired to create a new piece. After a few spins I felt it was only right to do a piece of SZA. This piece was created to give that calming float away type feeling. With the mixture of different reds, blues, purples and a moon,sky, and ocean background, I wanted to really show that almost spiritual touch. This piece is meant to give a sense of loss, with hint of melancholy.  Feel the emotion and creativity mixed into one.

Name: SZA

Size: 18”x24”

Year: 2017