TK Is a Phoenix Arizona native who has always had a love for street art; since he was young he would love to go out and look at all the graffiti done around his neighborhood. When looking at graffiti TK says that " I would get a certain feeling inside me like something pulling at me". Graffiti art became important to TK; and for a long time he would do nothing but draw different graffiti pieces as much and as often as he could. In middle school and all through high school TK started to his love for hip-hop culture, no only for graffiti but also for the music as well. Listening to artist like Nas and Notorious BIG, TK started to discover his relation to hip-hop genre. After high school, is when he really started to get introduced to the hip-hop culture in detail. Listening to artist like talib kweli, mos def, wu-tang clan, a tribe called quest, and many other iconic hip-hop artist. While completing his BFA in art Intermedia at Arizona State University is when TK was really able to mix his love for hip-hop and visual art into one. 

Since completing his bachelors TK has not only continued his work as an artist, but has since started his own independent graphic design company called Nerdy Graphics Design. As well as started a clothing company called NGD Clothing. TK has taken his love for hip-hop and art and has been able to implement it into his other design aspects.  Currently TK works hard every day not only creating new artwork, but also working on expanding his brand, hoping that one day soon he will be able to work full time as an artist and an independent designer. TK will continue his work in the art industry and nowadays has started implementing all types of different cultures in his work. Broadening his artistic view he now does work incorporating different elements that are from anime and comics to issues that involve nowadays society.