AZ Hiphop Festival / by Terrance Kelsey

So with the AZ hiphop festival over and things finally started calming down i wanted to touch on the fest a little bit. So first of all i was very honored and humbled to be apart of the art walk at the hiphop festival. So many talented visual artist where all a part of the art walk and seeing so much dope art and artist in one spot was crazy. As an artist it's always a great experience when I am able to be around others who have different styles, different ideas, and different motivation than i do. Whether they are a painter, drawer, multi-media, or digital artist, it's refreshing to see the original ideas of those you don't know and get inspiration from that going forward. So the hiphop festival was a great experience for me as a visual artist, the love and respect TK art received was surreal. So many people showed love to my work and really appreciated the art i work to put out. 

The hiphop fest itself was dope. Having so many pieces of hiphop culture in one place is great. So many people don't realize that hiphop is more than just music, it incorporates aspects of dancing, graffiti/art, music, and knowledge. And, to have a festival that tries to incorporate all aspects of that culture in one place and for the most part succeeded is very impressive. This festival is a big thing for AZ and i hope it continues to grow and more and more people become a part of it. Hiphop is an ever changing element and there are a lot of artists who are trying to make there mark and be apart of the movement. So big ups to the AZ hiphop fest for giving the opportunity to so many artists to be displayed, featured, and put on stage to showcase there talents to the people of AZ. Lets continue to push this movement as a people and push each other to continue to grow and become better.