Who is TK? / by Terrance Kelsey

      So I guess to start to start out my blog i want to give some insight on who I am and what inspires me to do what i do. So for starters I go by TK, which is just my initials, my name is Terrance Kelsey and since high school I was always called TK so it just kind of stuck. But for what I do, to be honest of course I love my hiphop. Hiphop inspires me to no end; it's like a language to me. When i hear a dope verse by an artist like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, or Nas that most people don't get, it almost feels like it's only a language that some understand, and I'm one of those who few who can really hear it. But, hiphop isn't all I am. I mean you can take a look at my artwork and see that TK has a lot more going on than most would think. So, along with being a fan of hiphop culture, I'm also what some would consider a nerd (i.e. that's why my clothing company is called Nerdy Graphics Design Clothing). I'm not going to front I'm a big fan of anime, comic books, comic con, and all that type of stuff. So thats why some of my art on the site shows some of my favorite characters from some popular anime shows like bleach, naruto, and hunter x hunter. To me watching these fictional characters allows me to connect with my childhood self. It lets me  remember what it's like to be young and want super powers like most of us used to think back in the day. So thats why anime is so appealing to me. And frankly it's just a lot of fun to watch. 

       There is a lot to me not only as a person but also as an artist that so many people really don't know. Some only see me as an artist, others only see me as a business person, but there are very few who see me as Terrance "TK" Kelsey as a whole. Never getting to know me as a the artist, the person, the friend, the lover, the business man, and the dream chaser. So this blog will be used  as a medium to not only give updates about my art and the different events, new pieces, and other things TK art will be involved in, but also people will really get to see me as the true person I am and see my true personality that most rarely see.  So here it is. Welcome to TK art and I hope you enjoy what you see and what you find out. 

         P.S. The song i attached is one of my all time top tracks by one of my favorite artist Talib Kweli. Even in the worst of days this track always gives me peace and allows my mind to kick back, relax and let it all go.